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Sleeping for Success

As our children leave summer behind and head back to the rigorous routines of fall, it is important to revisit sleep habits. Due to the extra hours of daylight (not to mention the ability to sleep later during summer break), many of our children find themselves struggling at the start of the school-year. Suddenly staying up a little later becomes a liability once they have to get up earlier for school. This can make for a hard transition into the academic year. Starting the year off well can set the stage for success for the rest of the year. Help your students be successful by consciously going back to the night time habits that promote enough sleep. What happens when we sleep? We gain many different benefits from sleep: memory consolidation (solidifying learning), normal daytime wakefulness and hunger/satiety signaling (research shows kids cannot learn well when hungry), as well as optimal immune system function (less sick days) all require appropriate [...]

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How to Improve Executive Functioning to Help Your Child Succeed

Optimal executive functioning allows the ability to process complex information/instructions, plan, organize, and complete a task. Executive Functioning takes place in the slow-to-develop frontal lobe, which explains why some kids simply can’t get organized. Seth Perler, Executive Function coach for middle, high school, and college students (see states that the foundation for having optimal executive functioning (what he simply calls the ability to get things done) is restful sleep, food that nourishes the body, and adequate exercise; alternatively he notes what makes executive functioning worse. The top 3 items... processed foods, sleep problems, and lack of exercise. Not surprisingly, a healthy diet, adequate restful sleep, and exercise are the foundations of overall well-being! If your child could benefit from holistic support with executive functioning &/or ADHD, call to setup and appointment. 720-340-0193 or Book Now  

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Sunscreen: how to protect yourself

There are more sunscreens on the market today than there have ever been before. If you don’t know just what you are looking for, or not looking for, the task of choosing the best sunscreen may be daunting. About sun protection First of all, realize that it is now widely accepted that sunscreen alone cannot afford adequate sun protection in order to prevent skin cancer or the aging-related effects of the sun. In fact, research shows that sunscreen may give a false confidence to users, especially those sunscreens with high SPFs, leading users to stay in the sun longer than they would otherwise without reapplying. SPF refers to a sunscreen’s ability to block out UVB rays, which cause sunburn. While UVA rays do not cause sunburn, they do promote skin aging and skin cancer, including melanoma. Most sunscreens in America today do not offer adequate UVA protection. The best way to protect your skin is a combination of appropriate sunscreen [...]

Chlorine: How to minimize the effects of chlorine this summer and throughout the year

What is chlorine and why do we use it? Chlorine is a disinfectant commonly used in water treatment facilities as well as pools. The benefit of chlorine is that our drinking water is free of potentially deadly bacteria and pathogens, and our swimming pools are not the petri dish of germs they would be otherwise. Is chlorine safe? There is a cost to this level of sanitation. As it turns out, when chlorine reacts with pathogens and other compounds found in pool water such as urine and residues from bodycare products, volatile organic compounds are formed (VOCs). VOCs are lung and eye irritants (think about being at the indoor pool) and are thought to increase the risk of cancer. (Note: VOCs are also present in water treated with bromine and saline to different extents.) Chlorine also reacts with your skin and hair and stays with you for days despite regular bathing, further oxidizing hair and skin. Additionally, consuming chlorinated tap [...]

Vitamin D and Sun Exposure

Vitamin D has gone from a little known alternative medicine subject to mainstream with lots of research supporting its functions and our need for it in the last 10 years. Vitamin D is unlike other vitamins as it actually acts like a hormone in the body. It is vital to overall wellness, and specifically is involved in bone, muscle, heart, lung, brain, and immune system health. The list of conditions with associated vitamin D deficiency is exhaustive, and includes a variety of cancers, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, impaired immune function, cognitive impairment and depression. Where does vitamin D come from? Your body manufactures vitamin D through a series of biochemical reactions stimulated by sun exposure. You can also get it from supplementation. You can only get very small, insignificant amounts from foods you eat, such as egg yolks and fatty fish. But sun exposure causes skin cancer! Yes, this can also be true, but it is really sun over-exposure [...]

Spring has Sprung!

Despite being a beautiful time of year (check out this picture of my crabapple tree!), this time of year many people suffer with seasonal allergies. A few common-sense approaches can help. REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURE: If you can minimize exposure to the substances you are allergic to, then you can minimize symptoms, including your histamine levels. Allergy sufferers should consider these household strategies: IN THE BEDROOM: Keep windows closed Keep bedroom especially clean & door closed Do not allow pets in room Use a HEPA air filter in the bedroom Frequent damp dusting throughout the house & vacuuming with a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter Keep windows closed during high pollen times Use the highest filtration HVAC filter Bathe (including washing hair) before bed Remove shoes when entering home Plan outdoor/exercise time around high pollen predictions. Check Change clothes and wash face immediately after outdoor exercise or activity Nasal irrigation with a neti pot (or other method) helps to [...]

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During Well-Woman Visits, The Woman (That’s You) Has the Voice Along with general health support and treatment for illnesses, I offer flexible, patient-centered, well-woman care including postpartum checks, pelvic exams, and pap smears.  I practice with a commitment to individualized care and I take time with each patient. As a postpartum mom, this is not your typical “clear to resume sex” visit. During any pelvic exam, the women who I see are in control and have choices. I use a trauma-informed approach for the entire well-woman visit. I do everything I can to make this visit as comfortable as possible for my patients. And I am always open to feedback. Sound like you need to learn more or make an appointment? Call me: 720-340-0193

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Turn your leftover Thanksgiving turkey into something special for your immunes system!

Join me for a fun, informative, and inspiring class! What: FOOD AS MEDICINE FOR THE HOLIDAYS AND BEYOND Where: The Birth Center of Boulder, 2800 Folsom Street When: Friday, November 18, 12-1:30pm Why: You don't have to be a fabulous chef to feed yourself or your family nourishing food. Keep it simple and eat well this holiday season and beyond.   There will be fermented food samples to share, a crockpot of chicken vegetable soup, and printed recipe cards for the dish that we will talk about preparing. $5/adult, if you RSVP to bring a friend, you both can come for free! Children welcome. Space is limited, so RSVP today! Please RSVP to: 720-340-0193 or    

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Move your body, exercise your brain

Humans evolved to move. Movement was literally survival. Our ancestors did not need to think unless they were moving. We have known for some time how beneficial exercise is with regard to weight, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. But did you know that our brains’ biochemistry functions optimally if movement is a lifestyle? Did you know exercise creates neurons? We can grow our brains! Sparking Life, an organization founded by Dr. John Ratey, MD, is on a mission to transform America’s sedentary lifestyle. To bring movement back into our lives – to improve our children’s learning capacity, to reduce the negative effects of stress, to manage mental health issues such as ADD, anxiety, depression, and to maintain our cognitive abilities as we age. It is never too late. Some is good; more is better.

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